"Your Audience Has Gone Mobile. Learn The Strategies To Target The New Mobile Audience With Mobile Advertising, TXT Marketing, Proximity Marketing And Mobile Apps..."


The Way We Use Mobile Devices
Is Rapidly Changing...

Just take a look at these crazy statistics...

The Different Types of Mobile Marketing...

  1. Taking Your Existing Website Mobile - Everyone's on mobile devices, so your website better work for them. Google's checking too, and won't serve your site if it doesn't work.
  2. Mobile Apps - If your customers are interested in you, why not talk to them, right from an app on their phone?
  3. Text Messaging & SMS Ads - It is the most common use of mobile devices and a great tool for mobile marketing
  4. The Mobile Search & Search Ads - Putting your website in front of customers using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your website needs to be ready for mobile search! Don't forget paid advertising on the mobile network!
  5. Mobile Advertising & Web Display Ads - Placing your adverts either text or banner graphics on other peoples websites for brand awareness and to direct traffic back to your website
  6. Mobile Apps Marketing - Making money from advertising by creating an developing free applications for devices such as the iPhone and iPad.
  7. Social Networking - You should be using Social Media as part of your mobile marketing campaign especially as more than 80% of young adults are actively using social media.
  8. Proximity Marketing - This involves marketing to people that are located within a specific area by sending them a text or multimedia message.

Plus Don't forget the traditional type of Marketing and that is over the phone promotion about your business brand and product.

Why Is It Different From Other Forms Of Marketing?

The common belief is that mobile marketing is the same as TV or Internet Marketing but just on a smaller scale. This is not the case at all!

People will check emails throughout the day and often make an instant decision whether read this or not, but how many people read a text message if they receive one?

You also need to give a much greater consideration to where you customer is when they receive communication from you if your campaign is to be successful.

People also expect to receive spam in their email, it is almost taken as part of having an email address but they do not expect to be spammed on their mobile phones!

A More Personal Form Of Advertising....

  • Effective Mobile Marketing provides the customer with local targeted and relevant information (most mobile users are actively searching for local knowledge)
  • It makes the life of the customer easier
  • Saves the customer money by providing them with special deals and money off discounts
  • Entertains the customer with games, contests, questions and applications
  • Provides customers with direct, relevant and update to date information (emails can be slow and depend upon when and if the customer reads them)
  • Develops a deeper connection and builds a personal relationship with the customers and target market

What Can Mobile Marketing Do
For You And Your Business?

  1. Increase sales from existing customers - getting the customer to buy from again is easier when they trust you
  2. Building a long term relationship with existing customers to increase their life time value
  3. Getting new customers and new leads
  4. Increasing brand awareness
  5. Building a list via SMS or app optin, click to call messages, and email optin on mobile web

Take your local Italian Restaurant as a great example.

Every time a customer books a table they collect their mobile number and you help them setup a text message campaign.

So on the quiet nights, when the restaurant needs more customers to fill tables they are able to send out a text message offering all previous customers a special offer, maybe a 2 for 1 deal or a money off voucher if they show the text.

The end result is that the restaurant gets more customers and makes more money!

Or go further, and build an app for the restaurant. The restaurant can then offer loyalty offers to its best customers, and engage on a deeper level. Keeping customers engaged with seasonal specials and recipies builds the relationship, and reminds people you're there.

How Big Is The Mobile Market?...

Companies Are Spending More On Mobile Marketing And Less on Traditional Advertising (which is a good sign)...

Average mobile marketing budgets have increased while traditional marketing spend continues to decline

Mobile Devices Have Made PCs
Redundant For Many Users...

This is 150m potential new customers which you can now reach through mobile marketing, just on the iPad!

The Apple iPad is just the start. There are hundreds of different Android tablets, and now Microsoft is gaining some traction...

More signs of a growing market as some of the bigger companies invest in developing their own mobile devices is a indication of where technology and more importantly marketing is heading.

Competition Means There Is
Huge Potential (another good sign!)...

So How Much Notice Are Google and Apple
Giving To Mobile Marketing?....

Enough To Change The Company's Entire Marketing Strategy!

In Febrary 2011 the big boss, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, told the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

Everything that Google will create going forward will be done so through a ‘Mobile First’ lens

This is a huge shift considering that 90% of all search engine traffic in the UK goes through the Google Search Engine!

If that wasn't enough proof....

Google acquired Admob for $750 million dollars.

Admob is the mobile advertising platform that has been especially popular on the iPhone and it's used to display different types of adverts on mobile devices.

So What Did Apple Do?...

They started their own competing Mobile Ad network Quattro, and more recently the iAd network

Apple will sell and host the ads, giving 60% of ad revenue back to developers. Ads are now the primary revenue stream for many types of apps.

People are spending their time in apps. the average user spends an hour a day in apps (up from 30 minutes in 2011). If we put an add up every 3 minutes, that’s 20 ads per day. Throughout the iPhone community, that’s billions of ad impressions per day!

When two of the largest advertising companies change their focus its a great indication of where this new market trend is going! Yet the average business is ignoring this trend!

Why You Need To Take Action Now?...

  • Mobile marketing is growing at a rapid rate
  • All new mobile phones now come with internet browsing as standard.
  • Apple and Google are investing millions in new mobile devices.
  • Despite the fact that we have just come out of a recession, mobile marketing budgets are increasing!
  • This is where the next generation of marketing is heading and being one of the first in your market or local area to create a mobile marketing campaign will give you a massive advantage.
  • Establish yourself as a mobile marketing expert in your area and you will reap the rewards when your local companies come knocking!

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Isn't there too much competition already?
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